Radisson Sky Hotel

  • Metal frames for room furniture

Radisson Red Gardemoen Hotel

  • Metal frames for room furniture

SH Minerva –
Luxury expedition cruise ship

  • Crew staircase and corridor stainless steel railings and wall handrails

Costa - Toscana cruise ship

  • Counter frames
  • Glass supports
  • Sneez guards
  • Plate guards
  • Service hatches
  • Frames for wall shelves

Pärnu common building
for internal security

  • Table frames

Nordic Hotel Forum

  • Metal frames for hotel room furniture


Helsinki Scandic Hotel

  • All furniture frames for guest rooms and public area
  • Decorative metal parts for headboards

Carnival - Mardi Gras cruise ship

  • Backyard Bar – Bar fronts with foot rails, Decorative metal wall elements
  • Jazz Bar/ Tapas Bar – Aluminium wall panels
  • Pool Deck – Bar front, Decorative ceiling elements, Barriers, Food counter glass support (Sneez guards), Foot rails with supports

Royal Carribean - Oasis of the Seas cruise ship

Royal Carribean -
Oasis of the Seas cruise ship

  • VIP corridor stainless steel handrails and brackets

Hotel Leopolis

  • Brass skirtings for sofas

Flour Penguins - Metal furniture

  • Polished stainless steel table frames


MSC Virtuosa cruise ship

  • Stainless steel supports for sinks and shelves for public toilets

Tallink Victoria Cruise ship

  • Frames for restaurant sofas

Vantaa Airport

  • Stainless steel covers for pillars (Glass ball sprayed)

Costa Smeralda cruise ship

  • Stainless steel frames for tables and ottomans

Amarillo restaurants in Finland
(Helsinki, Kouvola)

  • Water pipe frames for sofas and chairs

Stockholm Swedbank

  • Visible metal parts for waiting room grandstand


NCL- Jewel cruise ship

  • AMERICAN BAR BACK BAR – Stainless steel rails for shelves (Storm rails)
  • POOL DECK – Stainless steel bar table- and stool legs

Restaurant SFÄÄR (Tallinn)

  • Stainless steel design table legs